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Browser/Storefront product cost

Cost to use when using the Amazon Browser to run a file. See

Slow down the browser

Increases Amazon Browser reliability at expense of speed. See

MFN BuyBox Premium

Adds a premium to MFN only products when analysing against FBA.

Profit Calculation - Reference Offer Selection Order

Adjust which price is used as the Reference Offer (used in the default profit calculation). Prices are considered in the specified order and the first available one is used.

Only consider In-stock offers

When checked, this option makes PC2 ignore offers which are not immediately shippable. This means all offers where the availability is not ‘NOW’.

An offer, including the buybox itself, can be considered ‘not immediately shippable’ even if the availability date is the very next day. If you find some offers being skipped, please check if the expected delivery date is a little later than usual. That could be a hint that it isn’t immediately available, and you may want to try turning this off if you get better results that way.

Sales Estimates - Rank Ordering

Select the order in which sales ranks are considered to create sales estimates. The first available rank is used to produce the default “Est. Sales / Month” figure, which also feeds into “Est. Share of Sales” and “Est. Share of Revenue”.

The special STOP entry allows you to prevent certain ranks from being considered. Only those above this entry will be used, the ones below are ignored.

Packaging Overrides

Since 3.0.10

Allows you to specify packaging to override “AMZ Multi Pack Qty" for items where Amazon catalog information is incorrect. The file is automatically reloaded on edit and uses the following comma separated format:

# <- lines beginning with a hash/pound are considered comments and blank lines are ignored, as are leading or trailing spaces.

ASIN, packaging, marketplace ID(s)

Marketplace IDs are optional. If not specified, the override will apply to all supported markets. Otherwise specify one or more, also separated by comma, for targeted override.

Later rules can augment earlier ones. For example:

#Override packaging for ASIN 0000000000 with 5 for all markets:
#Override packaging for ASIN 0000000000 with 10 for markets US and UK only:
#Override packaging for ASIN 0000000000 with 5 for all markets, but 10 for US and UK only


When an override is triggered, the “Diagnostics” column will contain an entry showing both the original and the replacement value. This will allow you to adapt your override rules, for example where the Amazon catalog information has been updated.