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Price Checker 2 (PC2 for short) allows you to access information about products listed on Amazon in order to be better able to judge their potential profitability and overall suitability as an addition to your product portfolio, in bulk. All analysis happens on your own computer, so there are no confidentiality issues, and PC2 will produce your results in a spreadsheet, usually in Excel format (see also Change output location or type), that you can use to further narrow down your selection.

This utilises three main modes of analysis:

  1. From a file containing a list of products.

  2. Using the integrated browser interface to run against a competitor storefront or generic Amazon search results.

  3. A quick check for a single product code or keyword.


PC2’s user interface is laid out broadly in 2 parts: The navigation on the left and the content window on the right. Clicking or tapping on any of the navigation entries will switch to that screen. PC2 offers a powerful set of settings that you can use to influence the outcome and accuracy of your results, such as customising the output columns. For a list of all settings please see Overview of all Settings .

In addition there is a user icon in the top right corner that allows you to see your license/subscription type and logout/login.

If you require assistance beyond what is found in this documentation and guide, please select the “Support” option within PC2. If your query is of a technical nature, this will include log files that will help us investigate the issue you’re facing much more easily.