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Run Settings screen equivalent

Default value
if not specified


Automatically run the file or URL without showing the settings dialog?

Clicking the “start” button

(i.e. no)


Name of cost profile to use. The name should be enclosed in double quotation marks, e.g. “Ship NY to UK”

If you have made changes to the single basic profile, use “Default”.
Example: -costProfile “Default”

9. Cost Profile


(Standard FBA, and there will be no calculation of prep, VAT, or shipping)


The output currency.

Example: -currency USD

7. Return Profits in

Marketplace Currency,

(i.e. same as marketplace being analysed)


Whether to enable “Grab all Variations”

Enable the “Grab all Variations” option



Turn off duplicate removal

Uncheck the “Remove duplicates” option

Remove duplicates


Specify the absolute file system path for where to write the results file, enclosing in quotation marks if it contains spaces.

Example: -out “C:\Users\With Space\results.xlsx”

Change Output File and type

Automatically generated filename (input file + -PC2 and current date suffix), in the same folder as the input file.


Keep PC2’s automated output file naming scheme, but specify the file type (xls, xlsx, csv, tab)

Example: -outType csv

Change Output File and change extension/file type only



Whether to download Variation Reviews

Enable the “Get Variation Reviews” option



Suppress modal dialogs, e.g. invalid ID warning.

Requires version 2.2.50 or higher



File run specific parameters



Mac OS X

In the default installation the Price Checker 2 executable is found at:

Code Block
"C:\Program Files\Price Checker 2.2\PriceChecker2.exe"

Replace C:\Program Files\Price Checker 2.2 with your actual installation directory if necessary. Note that this is different from the Data Directory.

The default on Mac OS will be:

/Applications/Price\ Checker\

If you installed it outside of Applications or changed the app name, just replace /Applications/Price\ Checker\ accordingly.

Please note that the \ is an escaped space character. The alternative is to enclose the entire executable name in quotations marks, just like on windows.