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Costs will be based on Merchant Fulfilment and FBA fulfilment fees will not be calculated or added.

Shipping costs (see below) will be “to the customer”.


Costs will be based on Amazon Fulfilment.

Shipping costs (see below) will be “to Amazon”.


You additionally select the source marketplace where you ship your goods (“source market”).

If you select this same marketplace to analyse against (“target”), the FBA fees will be based on local fulfilment within that market.

If you select another European marketplace with this profile, FBA fees will be based on the EFN charges from the selected source market to the target market.

Shipping costs (see below) will be “to Amazon” in the source market.

Small & Light


New in 3.0.0

Small and Light fees will be returned and used in profit calculations whenever an item is deemed S&L Suitable based on its weight and dimensions.

You may refer to the ‘Small and Light Suitable’ column to determine whether this is the case, bearing in mind that this is not the same as eligible, because it does not account for factors such as sales velocity, perishability, hazmat, etc, all of which are criteria for S&L.

Regular FBA fees are used for items that are not found suitable in this manner.

Prep Costs

Prep costs can be specified in any one of the supported currencies and PC2 will handle the conversion (see Currency Exchange).