Price Checker 2

Bulk-analyse your wholesale price list again Amazon for profitable products

  • Run from an input file: Price List, Stock List, Liquidation Lots. See Input File Requirements

  • Analyse competitors: With the paid version extract competitor storefronts, brand pages, Amazon search results with the Amazon Browser.

  • Costs: Account for prep, shipping, VAT, different fulfillment models

  • Multi-currency: Costs in EUR, profits in USD? No problem! See Currency Exchange

  • Multi-sheet: Organise your output as efficiently as possible. See Using multiple Sheets

  • Custom columns: Enter your proprietary calculations once, get them output on every run! See Create a custom column

  • Historical data: Access years of historical average ranks, prices, you name it!

  • Filter: quickly and accurately, by ANY metric in the system, and retain only the items actually worth looking at. See Custom Filters

  • Scoring: assign scores/priorities to ANY metric in the system, filter out the rubbish (yes, score is a metric), and prioritise by potential

  • Automate: produce reports automatically by using the Command Line Interface (CLI)