3.0.0 Migration Guide

Price Checker 2 version 3.0.0 will for the first time use the new Amazon Selling Partner API.

Due to significant differences between the old MWS API and the new SP-API, here are some highlights of changes:

Speed considerations

  • The basic lookup speed remains at 5 products per second (~~18000/hour).

  • Search is faster than before for most users (5 queries per second instead of previously 1 query per 5 seconds).

  • Offer data no longer requires historical data, which makes it faster, however, accessing N different conditions (New, Used, etc) will impact throughput. This is because offers for each condition need to be queried separately leading to a Nx reduction in speed. (Used+New = half speed). There will be a new settings page to control this aspect.

  • Speed is set per user. This means that you may exceed these guideline speeds


Fees are provided directly by the Amazon API, which means that they will be and remain accurate at all times.

However, some inferred data points such as “Max cost to 0” or “AMZ price to BE” may no longer be 100% precise depending on the category, and changing the reference offer in Excel (post-run) may not provide cent-accuracy either.

Historical Data no longer required

The following data points will no longer require historical data:





Amazon EAN


Amazon UPC


Amazon Sells At


Amazon is a seller


BuyBox Seller


BuyBox Seller Type

AM only shows for Amazon, not for Warehouse deals. Use historical data or enable Used Offer retrieval to catch cases where Amazon Warehouse is selling, but Amazon is not.

e.g. Amazon.com B07GJBBGHG - Warehouse Seller ID is A2L77EE7U53NWQ

AZ Product Description


AZ Feature #N

See Changes to Individual Columns

Changes to individual columns





BuyBox Price Used

PC2 will only retrieve new offers by default.

AZ Feature #N

Renamed AZ Bullet Point #N (e.g. AZ Bullet Point 1)
There are bullet point columns 1 through 5, however, as the API is flexible on the number of supported bullets, an additional column, AZ Bullet Points, will contain the data of all bullet points in a single field. This is formatted as a list with each bullet point separated by a single new line character (\n).

Other changes

  • Keyword searches with up to 1000 results no longer require the browser (Explore automatic translation from website to API, to reduce browser usage!)



Version Specific Notes





3.0.0 alpha 06/05/2022

Additional Attributes (column IDs 2000-2066) may not return a value.

Item lookup speed allowance is shared across all marketplaces, so they can’t run in parallel at this time.