Browser won't scan

When reporting an issue with the browser, you might be tempted to say “it’s not working” and let us figure out what’s wrong. Unfortunately that won’t allow us to pinpoint the actual problem, so if you can, please elaborate at which step the process fails, perhaps by answering the questions below. Stop at any point if you can’t get that far.

  1. Does the browser launch?

  2. Are you able to navigate to the URL that you are trying to analyse?

  3. What is that URL?

  4. Please ensure that the URL to be analysed is always on the first tab in the browser. Some Amazon pages open new tabs. If this happens you will need to copy and open the link in the first tab instead.

  5. When you click “Check page for products”, do you see a popup “Product details” with a progress bar?

  6. Is this followed by “Deep Scan” and progress through different Departments (if applicable to the page)?

  7. What happens when you click “Analyse [storename]”?

  8. Are you able to start the run?

  9. Does the run appear in the lower half of the main “Run” screen?

  10. Does it run to conclusion?

  11. If not, what does “Progress” show? (Screenshot please?)

  12. Are there any other error messages, whether seemingly related or not?

The more details you can provide to help us understand and narrow down the problem, the better.


To create a request including all these details, please open “Support” within PC2, copy and paste the above, then answer each question. If the problem occurred with the most recent run made within the same session, a screenshot of its progress will automatically be included (for 11).