Colour Highlights

Price Checker 2 produces the following row highlights in Excel:

Amazon holds the Buy Box

*requires historical data

Amazon is a seller, but not in Buy Box

*requires historical data

Positive ROI


Negative ROI


 The following highlights are also possible, depending on your settings:

MFN Premium Applied.

Price in US Dollars (USD)

Price in Pound Sterling (GBP)

Price in Euros (EUR)

Price in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

The above table also shows different header background colours:

  • Blue: This is a column that has been produced by PC2. The input columns ID, Cost, Wholesale Pack will also appear with a blue header.

  • Yellow: Some columns of special significance (to most users) are made to stand out in yellow

  • Grey: This is a column that was present in the input, but has not been interpreted or used by PC2. It has simply been reproduced through the special “Original Data” column entry.