Supported Product IDs

Price Checker supports the following types of Product ID:

Product ID Type



Product ID Type




10 digit alphanumeric



13 digit numeric, with check digit



12 digit numeric, with check digit

Can be converted to EAN by adding a leading 0.


10 or 13 digit, with check digit, which can be an X

13 digit is equivalent to EAN.

Most 10 digit ISBNs match corresponding ASINs.

Keyword Search

Any alphanumeric keyword or keyphrase

Can be used to search for part numbers (MPN) or where an ID is not available. However, results may not always be accurate.

Seller SKU

Any - this is your own SKU which you assigned to your listing when adding your offer on Amazon.

Please note that searching by SellerSKU will only return products that you are already selling.

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