Marketplace Setup

Price Checker 2 requires access to the Amazon MWS ‘Products’ API. This is how you configure access.

Step by Step

With PC2 downloaded, installed, and running:

  1. Open “Marketplace Setup” - if it is your first time running PC2, it will open automatically.


  2. Click “Enter/Edit” next to the market you wish to enable.

  3. Paste your Seller ID and Auth Token. If you need to create one, follow the link on the dialog, and see below for what to do in Seller Central.

  4. PC2 will run a sample query to verify that the keys work.

Marketplaces are linked by region - PC2 will check and activate all possible markets accessible with the same keys to save you entering them multiple times.

Congratulations, you have successfully added your Amazon MWS API Keys.

If necessary, repeat from step 2 to enable additional marketplaces.

Seller Central

If you need a new token and clicked the link to go to Amazon Seller Central, this is what you’ll see (after login):

Developer’s Name is something you can freely enter so that you can recognise the app later.
Developer ID is the important bit and depends on the marketplace.

If you use the link in PC2, both will be pre-filled for you.

On the next screen, confirm your agreement to the terms.

Finally, copy your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token from the success page to paste into PC2:


If you see an error message, please see below for some solutions:

MWS Error message


MWS Error message


Credentials Incomplete

You’re missing either Seller ID or Auth Token.

Invalid seller id: […]

Please check the spelling of your Seller ID.

Access denied

You might have used the keys from a different marketplace.

Please double-check spelling (copy & paste), or generate a new token.

Bad Gateway

This is a temporary error, usually resolved by trying again some time later.

If you are unable to resolve an issue with your marketplace setup, please contact support.