Major Brands

Price Checker 2 installs with a pre-configured list of some brands that are gated and require selling approval or may not always be desirable in the output for other reasons.

The list is completely configurable and the filter itself can be enabled or disabled as you wish.

Editing the list

The full disk path to file that’s being used is shown in your settings. It defaults to the data directory, where the installer will place the initial copy. It won’t be overwritten by later upgrades.

You can edit the file by clicking “Edit Major Brands List”, and this will open your computer’s default text editor to do so.

Alternatively you can locate the file on your harddisk, for example using Finder on Mac OS or Explorer on Windows, and manually edit it using any text editing software.

The format is very simple: one brand per line, not case-sensitive.

Empty lines and duplicates will be ignored, and you can comment lines by adding # in front (hash or pound character).

Spaces at the front and end of lines are ignored, but spaces and any punctuation within the brand name are considered part of the name.

When you save the file, PC2 will automatically reload it.

Spellings and alternatives

Because the brand name on Amazon listings is added by the person first listing a product, there can be slight variations in spelling. For example you may find “Disney”, “Disney’s”, “Disney World”, or “Walt Disney” as possible variations. To filter them all out you would need to add each variation to the file on a separate line.

The recommended approach is to refine your filter over time. You can even do this while a run is in progress.