How to Involve a VA

If you use Virtual Assistants in the day to day management of your business, it may makes sense to involve someone in product sourcing. To give your VA access to PC2, follow the steps below.

Setup your VA

  1. First of all your VA should install Price Checker according to their system needs. To avoid needing to login to your web account, you can either email them the correct installer, or have them download the latest version for their platform from the installer archive.

  2. Change your website login on to something that you’re happy to share with your VA, or login for them remotely using TeamViewer (for example).

  3. Save your entire configuration using Save/Restore, send the file to your VA, and ask them to restore it from the Save/Restore screen.

  4. Alternatively you can just setup MWS only - it’s safe to give the VA your Auth token, as it is only valid for use through Price Checker. They can’t freely access your Amazon account with it.

For security reasons we strongly recommend that your PC2 password be different from Seller Central.

Revoke Access

If you need to revoke access for a VA you no longer work with, here’s how:

  1. Ask them to uninstall PC2 with the “remove all data” option checked. Ideally over TeamViewer or similar.

  2. Go to and go through the steps again to generate new tokens for all markets.

  3. Paste in the new tokens and confirm.

  4. Your VA will no longer have access to the API via your account, even if they didn’t delete the configuration.

  5. Change your PC2 password on - the VA will no longer be able to login using your credentials, even if they reinstall.