Find the BuyBox Seller's Name using Custom Columns

As an example of what Custom Columns can do for you, let’s say you want to obtain the Name of the BuyBox Seller. Unfortunately Amazon’s API does not provide this, however, it does provider the Seller ID, using the coloumn “BuyBox Seller”.

The name is on the Seller Page

Using the Seller ID and Custom Columns we can construct a link in Excel that takes us to the Seller Page on Amazon, which will have their name shown at the top. Links to seller pages have the following basic format:{SELLERID}

So what we need is an Excel formula that fills in the Seller ID and creates a clickable hyperlink:


In Price Checker 2 this is what that would look like:



How it works

The @{76} serves as a column reference within PC2's column system. 76 is the column ID for "BuyBox Seller" and the special syntax allows PC2 to replace these references with actual data. The editor allows you to search for and insert a reference to any built-in or custom column. That’s right, you can create partial formulas and re-use them in further custom columns.

CONCATENATE is a standard Excel formula that joins two pieces of text together.

HYPERLINK is another standard formula which converts text into a clickable link.

And in Excel?

If you have BuyBox Seller in your sheet, the formula in your custom column will reference it:

If you don’t have BuyBox Seller in your sheet, it will pull in the value directly: